Supply Chain News is Still Bad

Jun 2, 2022

Is there anything we can do?

News about Supply Chain woes is still bad.  While it was once predicted that supply chain disruptions would ease throughout 2022 and into early 2023, predictions are no longer so optimistic as a variety of circumstances have continued to perpetuate a global problem.

Businesses are going back to basics in an effort to shore up their supply chains.  They are dissecting every part of their value chains from procurement/supply through manufacturing and distribution to find any kind of room for asserting greater control over their destinies.   There is no one ultimate angle or tactic that represents a silver bullet though.

At Brandywine, we believe we can help with a point solution.  Labeling can be a choke point.  Shortages and supply chain disruptions have created unpredictability, delays and even stoppages in labeling processes that have in turn disrupted and even interrupted production and distribution of product, with all of the associated negative consequences.

Digital, on-premise, “on-demand” label printing is a solution that solves more than one challenge.

  • Eliminates dependence on a 3rd party to provide pre-printed labels, taking risk out of the equation
  • Eliminates or reduces lead times and delays as a run-up to production while waiting for labels to be printed
  • Enables instant turnaround for multi-product/SKU labeling as well as label content variability
  • Provides on-premise label production redundancy as a risk-reduction and mitigation strategy

Brandywine specializes in labeling.  We’ve been around for 25 years and we know what our customers want and need.  Talk to us today about what you can do to leverage product labeling as a competitive advantage in today’s challenging and highly constrained business environment.