Inkjet Labels

Brandywine has a full array of blank labels and printers for aqueous pigment and dye inkjet print platforms. Ask us how today’s new technology inkjet printers and more durable label media can help you unlock the cost reducing and operational power of on-demand label printing for auto-application — with no need to over-laminate.

Poly-Twin® EP™ Durable Industrial Inkjet Labels

Polytwin Drumlabels Inkjet

Brandywine’s Poly-Twin® EP™ labels are GHS compliant and are designed for color inkjet printing on a variety of tested and approved printers. Poly-Twin® EP™ labels use a highly durable film face stock combined with BS5609-tested custom adhesives and Brandywine’s proprietary coating processes to achieve a superior product for aqueous pigment inkjet printers. Poly-Twin® EP™ labels are the industry standard for durable inkjet printed drum labels!


The custom-engineered top coating anchors the aqueous pigment ink, resulting in indelible images that stand up to the harshest labeling environments. Whether you’re labeling chemical drums and totes, or smaller containers that require environmental protection due to handling or storage factors, Poly-Twin® EP™ labels are the right choice for you!

Poly-Twin® EP™ Highlights

  • Durable inkjet labels meet all OSHA regulations (HazCom 2012; DOT classification)
  • Easily passes IMDG 90-day water submersion tests
  • PIRA Certified to meet all sections of BS5609
  • Strongly resists damage
  • Releases from liner better than other labels for easier application
  • Aggressive adhesion in the most extreme conditions
  • UV light resistance limits fading to meet DOT requirements
  • Proprietary top coating anchors ink
  • Custom configurations available, including Dual Adhesive™ technology

Ask a Brandywine representative to contact you for samples, a price quotation, or to discuss your requirements.

Poly-Twin® EP™ Assortment of Die Sizes and Shapes

Brandywine has a wide assortment of die sizes and shapes for pails, jugs, gallons, F-Style gallons, quarts and pints as well as standard drum label sizes. We can also create new die sizes for your application.

Brandywine Prime™ Product Inkjet Labels

Brandywin Prime Inkjet Labels

Brandywine Prime™ Glossy Paper and Glossy Film product labels are die-cut to fit the shape and contours of your containers, with full edge-to-edge printing. Our standard durability metrics include resistance to water, alcohol, acetone and UV exposure, and scratch, tape and rub resistance for packaging and shipping.


Brandywine Prime™ Glossy inkjet labels have been tested and are recommended for use with a full assortment of printers for containers of all shapes and sizes. The unique chemistry of our Brandywine Prime™ Glossy Paper and Glossy Film labels print beautiful, vibrant and durable labels with your own label printer, using label design software or a simple PDF library to manage your product labels. You gain cost savings along with operational flexibility and efficiency from on-demand label printing with Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels on both pigment and dye inkjet platforms.


Digital Inkjet

Digital inkjet label printing technology is revolutionizing the printing industry by introducing low-cost, fast, reliable label printers with excellent print quality. Advances in digital print technology, combined with more durable inks and coatings, now let manufacturers and packagers print labels on-demand without over-lamination.

Beautiful and durable Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels printed on rolls are easily auto-applied to containers of all shapes and sizes. Make your products stand out from the crowd with Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels, printed on-demand!