Shelved Drums

For over 25 years, Brandywine has provided hazard communication labels, printers and software to clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical marketplace under the descriptive Brandywine Drumlabels, LLC.

By concentrating our focus on safety and regulatory compliance chemical product labeling, Brandywine has been able to engineer unique label designs and constructions that run effortlessly through your laser, inkjet or thermal printers for both hand and auto-application.

Technology, specifically the digital revolution in label printing, has led to a transformation from Brandywine Drumlabels to Brandywine Label Printing. The ability to digitally print blank die-cut labels on rolls for small container auto-application has allowed Brandywine to bring our safety compliance labeling expertise to new industries and markets.

  • Industrial chemicals
  • Cleaning products
  • Lubricants
  • Paints & coatings
  • Pharma
  • Consumer products

Ask a Brandywine representative to work with your EH&S, IT, Marketing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain personnel to develop safety and compliance labeling solutions utilizing our full array of capabilities to match your requirements.

Company History

In 1995, Brandywine’s founders recognized that there are complex requirements and challenges to labeling chemical products that other companies had yet to address, and saw an opportunity developing a new line of label products to meet those needs.

Since then, the company has become a globally recognized industry leader in the chemical safety and compliance label printing marketplace, with over 1,300 client sites in 50+ countries.

At the end of 2020, Brandywine became a wholly owned subsidiary of Wausau Coated Products


Brandywine is wherever you need us to be! Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, PA, Brandywine has seven manufacturing and warehousing facilities in critical locations throughout the U.S., enabling us to distribute jobs for faster turnaround and delivery, lowering shipping costs, and providing mission-critical redundancy for shifting assignments from one facility to another if needed.

Industry Associations

Brandywine is an active participant in all the key industry associations that our customers rely on for technical and regulatory support related to all aspects of safety compliance labeling. Industry involvement is a critical component of Brandywine’s comprehensive commitment to our customers and their product labeling. It’s part of The Brandywine Difference!

You’ll see our exhibit booth at your next annual conference, or maybe we’ll be working with you on a relevant packaging or regulatory committee.

Aca Logo
American Coatings Association (ACA)

Brandywine is an associate member of the ACA and participates on the Product Stewardship and Consumer Products Committees.

The ACA is a voluntary, nonprofit trade association working to advance the needs of the paint and coatings industry and the professionals who work in it. The organization represents paint and coatings manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, distributors and technical professionals. ACA serves as an advocate and ally for members on legislative, regulatory and judicial issues, and provides forums for the advancement and promotion of the industry through educational and professional development services.

American Coatings Association’s Mission

The Association’s mission is (1) to advance the interests of the coatings industry and serve as its chief advocate and spokesperson before the government and public; (2) to undertake, domestically and globally, programs and services that support the coatings industry’s commitment to environmental protection, sustainability, product stewardship, health and safety, corporate responsibility and the advancement of science and technology; and (3) to promote the coatings industry’s substantial contributions to society and the economy.

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Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA)

Brandywine is supplier member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA). Brandywine participates on ILMA’s Safety, Health, Environment & Regulatory Affairs committee as well as the Sustainability Committee.

Since 1948, the ILMA has been the voice of member companies that produce more than a quarter of the US’s automotive lubricants and 3/4 of its metalworking fluids for customers who use their products to improve performance and increase efficiency.

Through their enforceable Code of Ethics, ILMA promotes integrity and quality in lubricant manufacturing and marketing. ILMA also serves as a technical and educational resource to members, their customers and lawmakers.

Their top priority is providing the safest, highest-quality products to customers for industrial, transportation and household use. ILMA supports policies based on sound science, rigorous analysis and common sense that keep their customers, employees and communities safe, while protecting their business model — providing individual solutions for their customers’ needs.

International Sanitary Supply Association Issa Logo Vector
Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association - ISSA

Brandywine is a proud associate member of the The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA).

The leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA has a membership that includes more than 9,200 distributors, manufacturers, representatives, contractors, and associated service members. ISSA helps its members and their employees make valuable contacts through the industry’s largest cleaning shows.

ISSA also helps increase members’ professionalism and success by offering business tools, educational products, industry standards, publications, and legislative and regulatory services that specifically focus on the professional cleaning industry. It is through these initiatives that ISSA helps its members demonstrate the true value of clean to their varied constituents.

Hpca Logo
Household & Commercial Products Association

Brandywine is an associate member of HCPA, whose members are the companies who make and sell $180 billion annually of the products that clean, protect, maintain and disinfect our homes and workplaces.

The Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) is the premier trade association representing companies that make and sell $180 billion annually of products used for cleaning, protecting, maintaining, and disinfecting in homes and commercial environments. HCPA members employ 200,000 people in the U.S. whose work helps consumers and workers create a cleaner, healthier and more productive life. Our mission is to protect, promote and enhance the household and commercial products industry and the consumers and workers who use our members’ products.

Ppc New Logo
Petroleum Packaging Council (PPC)

Brandywine is an associate corporate member of the Petroleum Packaging Council, an association providing technical leadership and education to the petroleum packaging and blending industry.
For seven decades, the Petroleum Packaging Council has served petroleum packaging professionals exclusively as their premiere technical trade association.

PPC Mission & Vision Statements

Mission: To provide the Petroleum Packaging Industry with Leadership, Technical Education, and Networking Opportunities.

Vision: To be the most relevant global resource for Innovation, Production Efficiency, Safety, Health and Sustainability throughout the Petroleum Industry!

Schc Logo
Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC)

Brandywine management and sales professionals are SCHC Members and actively participates in the annual Spring and Fall Meetings and Conferences. The SCHC is a professional society committed to serving chemical hazard communication professionals, and to promoting knowledge and awareness in all areas of chemical hazard communication.

Areas covered include worker safety, domestic and international regulatory compliance, toxicology and other chemical and physical hazards, environmental toxicology, risk analysis, etc. Members are professionals who represent industrial, consumer and specialty chemical companies, pharmaceutical firms, manufacturers, distributors and importers, government agencies, universities and consultants.

Socma Logo 2 1
Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA)

Brandywine supports SOCMA member companies at various conferences and events. The SOCMA is dedicated to specialty chemical manufacturers, distributors and affiliated service providers.

Since 1921 SOCMA has represented a diverse membership of chemical companies located around the world, bringing world-class support uniquely tailored to enhance the operational excellence of their member companies. SOCMA is the only US-based trade association dedicated solely to the specialty chemical industry, making them the leading authority on this sector.

Collectively, SOCMA members are key drivers to a successful economy, contributing $24 billion annually to the US GDP. Their members play an indispensable role in the global chemical supply chain by producing intermediates, specialty chemicals and ingredients used to develop a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer products, essential to the well-being and lives of people everywhere.

Acd 14131 2023 Proud To Be Logo Rgb
Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD)

Brandywine Label Printing is a proud member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution, the organization representing companies that formulate, blend, repackage, warehouse, transport, and market high-quality chemicals and chemical products to 750,000 end users in nearly every industry sector. Through ACD, members stay up to date with the information, resources, and connections they need to safely, reliably, responsibly, and sustainably move the chemical products our world depends on.