Product Safety Labeling – Beyond Compliance?

Feb 20, 2023

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No one questions the importance of product safety labeling. After all, it’s required by regulatory statutes and standards, and compliance is mandatory. Non-compliance isn’t an option. The more important question – does product safety labeling begin and end with compliance?

The end goal of product safety labeling is to ensure that your customers and the general public are informed about any hazards posed by your product during manufacturing, distribution, storage and end-use.  Proper safety labeling is a primary way to mitigate risk for your business, your customers and the general public.

Yes, the end-use customer needs to know how to safely use your product, any safety hazards associated with your product, what personal protective measures are recommended, and what to do to in the case of accidental exposure or release of the product. In addition, the general public wants and needs to know what, if any, effects your product may have on the environment and human health through unintended exposure or improper use or disposal.

Labels are the most effective way to convey product safety messaging, because a label is the closest available information in proximity to the end-user, whether it’s a consumer, commercial or industrial user.

It’s vitally important then, that you can depend on your labels to reliably deliver your safety messaging, even in challenging environments, which may occur during shipping, storage, or end-use.  If the label fails to deliver your messaging, then you’ve fallen short of achieving the intended purpose for your labels.  And this can potentially even result in harm.   

Your labels not only convey your safety messaging, they convey a message about your business, that your company is committed to human and health and well-being, and to vigilant environmental stewardship. If safety throughout your value chain is a priority, don’t take risks with your labels.  The best labels deliver the best results and afford you the most peace of mind!

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