Print-On-Demand Is Part Of The Solution

Nov 15, 2022

The current economic environment with high inflation and a constrained supply chain puts pressure on companies to cut operating and production costs and source as close to home as possible.

A key part of production is packaging and labeling and companies can now leverage digital technologies to increase efficiency and competitiveness while reducing costs and risk.

Digital, on-premise, on-demand label printing is one of these technologies.  By bringing label printing in-house, and implementing a print-on-demand model, companies have greater control over cost factors such lead times, delays, inventory control and waste.

What is on-premise, on-demand label printing?

  • It means printing your own labels in-house rather than relying on an outside, third party printer to pre-print your labels.  This gives you more control over the process and drastically cuts down, if not eliminates, long lead times.
  • It means not having to order minimum order quantities of pre-printed labels that you run the risk of wasting due to obsolescence for various reasons, or, you simply had to purchase more than you actually use.
  • It means you can print full-color labels in one pass, without over-printing pre-printed labels in a second pass.
  • It means being able to create and change label designs and print labels “on the fly”.
  • It means being able to print the exact number of labels you need at the precise time that you need them, “on demand”, eliminating the need to inventory large quantities of pre-printed labels.
  • It means reducing or eliminating the risk of failure by an outside party to produce the labels you need when you need them.
  • It means you gain the flexibility and agility to label short production runs, customized products in small batches, and products that require variable data at run time.
  • It means shorter turnaround times for last-minute or time-sensitive production orders.
  • It means being able to tolerate and respond to frequent label content changes.
  • It means being able to better manage “sku creep” so that when label content does change, you can make the change on a single template, and continue printing with little or no production interruption or delays.
  • It means driving down your costs with easy-to-use digital label printing solutions with a tabletop footprint.

Brandywine Label Printing is in the forefront of digital, on-premise, on-demand label printing technologies and solutions for businesses struggling to survive and get ahead in a challenging economic environment.  Contact Brandywine today to learn how we can help!