National Safety Month and Labels

Jun 15, 2023

June is National Safety Month, when special attention is given to promoting greater awareness of and concern for safety in the workplace, in the home, and in the community.  Safety-First is an expression that’s often used to remind the public, including businesses, institutions, government entities and individuals, to be conscious that in everything we do, we need to do it safely.

What does it mean to be “safety conscious”? It means safety is a goal that we pro-actively and intentionally pursue.  We give thought to it all the time.  We evaluate and take action to ensure that what we do gets done safely through conscious risk mitigation efforts.

How do we do this?  When it comes to products, one very important way is through labeling.  Whether the product is a consumer or industrial product, labels play a critical role in ensuring that the product is used safely. Labels inform the end-user how to ensure their own safety in using the product.  If the product is a hazardous substance, labels provide information that protects the public in the event of accidental or inadvertent release and exposure during transport or use.  Labels are a key part in the critical path of safety messaging.  A label conveys safety messaging directly to everyone handling the product throughout the supply chain from manufacturer to end-use customer.

We can all agree that safety should never be compromised.  The risks are too serious.  If you don’t compromise on safety, you make every effort to convey safety messaging to all the stakeholders in your value chain, from employees to end-use customers.  If you don’t compromise on safety messaging, then you don’t compromise on the labels that convey your safety messaging.

If a label doesn’t stick to a container, if the information on the label fades out or washes off, if it becomes compromised due to abrasion and rough handling during transport, then you are potentially putting people, as well as the environment, at risk.  And you risk serious consequences for your business.

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