Digital Transformation with Labeling

Apr 11, 2023

As the digital transformation drives adoption of new technology and processes into all areas of a business, solutions providers are helping companies to keep pace with change.  At Brandywine Label Printing, we see ourselves as an agent of change to help our clients facilitate digital transformation within their operations.

Labeling often happens at the back end of production and it can easily be overlooked as part of a digitalization strategy.  While digitalization implies a technological transformation, it happens in the context of a process.

Labeling processes that rely on an outside supplier to print labels should be considered candidates for realizing the benefits of digitalization.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Purchasing pre-printed labels requires the purchaser to pay for plate and setup charges every time a new label is needed, or the content on an existing label changes.
  • Purchasing pre-printed labels can result in long lead times while the label printer fits your order into their production schedule.
  • Purchasing pre-printed labels requires a minimum order quantity, which introduces the risk of wasting labels that you don’t use.
  • Purchasing pre-printed labels limits your flexibility to print variable and customized data at run time.

An alternative to pre-printed labels is to digitally print your own labels, on-premise, when you need them, in the exact quantity that you need.  This transformation gives you greater control over your labeling process, increased efficiency and flexibility, less waste, and better cost effectiveness.  These results translate into added value to your customers and a more competitive business. Digital, on-premise, on-demand label printing solutions from Brandywine Label Printing propel your digital transformation by freeing you to print your own labels, a simple concept with clear advantages!

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