Cleaning and Janitorial Products and Services – (ISSA Member)

Apr 20, 2022

Situation Summary

When COVID-19 hit, our customer, who is in the food and beverage industry and provides cleaning products, was designated by CISA to be part of the Essential Infrastructure. Also, at this time, our customer was in the process of completing testing and certifying Brandywine’s industry-leading, highly durable Poly-Twin® EP™ color inkjet GHS/BS5609 label stock.  

With high volume label printing requirements now increasing due to higher demand for cleaning products, including a variety of custom label sizes, Brandywine was called on to help coordinate label production over multiple production sites. Brandywine also managed raw material supplies and delivery logistics to meet the high demand and the CISA designation was utilized to prioritize critical components. Brandywine even went to the extent of providing a NeuraLabel 300X loaner printer when the customers’ fanfold printer went down — delivered in April by a Brandywine sales rep dressed in full PPE.  


  • Solve label durability issues for hand-applied drum and pail labels
  • New requirement for highly durable label stock for brewing and beverage companies to pack out hand sanitizer in small containers
  • New label sizes for both auto and hand application
  • April 2020 implementation schedule with very high demand in a limited time window
  • COVID-19 lockdown during implementation – need for a fanfold 300X printer

Solutions and Success!

  • Brandywine provided a highly durable label stock to print effortlessly on the NeuraLabel 300X printers in both fanfold and roll configurations.
  • During initial travel restrictions associated with COVID-19, Brandywine delivered technical support, coordinated OEM technical resources and provided a loaner NeuraLabel 300X printer for large hand application labels. 
  • Brandywine dedicated essential production and material and logistics resources to match customer’s intense fill-line schedule.   
  • Brandywine built customized label inventory to cover customer’s production planning requirements allowing for immediate shipment to fulfill future orders.
  • Customer successfully implemented 2 fanfold label SKUs and 4 roll label SKUs for auto application over a four-week timeframe allowing new and essential business to be fulfilled by the customer.   
  • Brandywine delivered over 500,000 feet of custom die cut label stock in April during the initial outbreak of the global pandemic.