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Canon LX-P5510 Color Inkjet Label Printer

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The Canon LX-P5510 label printer is reliable and flexible, delivering high-resolution full color labels. By utilizing pigment-based ink for moisture resistance and durability, the LX-P5510 helps improve efficiency and productivity by creating long lasting, durable labels on-demand.


The LX-P5510 prints vibrant, high-quality, long-lasting labels on-demand. With high-performance pigment inks formulated to withstand water, abrasion, harsh chemicals, and UV or sunlight exposure, the LX-P5510 printer can be used for a variety of durable applications. The LX-P5510 printer helps save on storage space and costs by printing labels on-demand rather than pre-printing large volumes in advance.

With 1200 x 1200 dpi output, the LX-P5510 printer’s pigment inks are formulated not to run, smudge or fade away when used with inkjet compatible matte or gloss media. The sharp imagery of fine details, including small text and barcodes, are reproduced with clarity and accuracy.

The LX-P5510 printer boasts fast print speeds up to 300 mm / 11.8 inches per second. It prints labels on media up to four inches wide, and has an estimated output per ink cartridge set of approximately 34,000 sheets. Additionally, on-demand, short-run printing allows for quick implementation of changes made to label graphics or text without interruption to production

Ink Type: Water-based pigment

Printer Category: Color Inkjet

Technology: Stationary printhead

Label Type: Die Cut Rolls, Continuous Fanfold Media

Key Features

  • Pigment-based ink for vivid graphics and durability
  • Prints up to 4″ wide on roll or fan folded media
  • Optional Rewinder and Auto Cutter accessories available
  • Fast print speed: Up to 11.8 inches per second
  • Print resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Supports existing ZPL applications

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