Label Sustainability vs. Performance

Apr 24, 2022

How do you ensure top-notch label durability and operational performance, while meeting stringent regulatory and sustainability goals at the same time?

Manufacturers and suppliers up and down the value chain are asking this question as the market is increasingly demanding greater environmental stewardship on the part of producers.

Meet Brandywine’s label products for BS5609-compliant chemical labeling, Poly-Twin® LX™ for color laser, and Poly-Twin® EP™ for digital inkjet.  Widely recognized for durability, quality, and reliability, Brandywine Poly-Twin® labels represent a commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impact with no compromise in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Poly-Twin® LX™ and Poly-Twin® EP™ labels contain no SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) candidate list and are BPA-free.  This means that Brandywine Poly-Twin® labels contain no harmful chemicals that pose a threat to humans, animals and the environment.

As customers continue to demand more sustainable products, especially consumable products like labels, Brandywine is responding to the challenge as a key player in the chemical value chain.  From the top coating to the release liner, our Poly-Twin® chemical labels are engineered and manufactured with sustainability and environmental stewardship in mind.

At Brandywine, sustainability and environmental stewardship don’t come at the expense of performance.  Chemical labels must meet rigorous performance and regulatory compliance requirements.  There’s no room for compromise.  When printed with durable and environmentally-friendly toners and aqueous pigment inks, our Poly-Twin® LX™ and Poly-Twin® EP™ labels simply won’t let you down in the most challenging operational environments.

What about your labels?  If you would like to receive a free environmental audit of your labels, send us a few samples and we’ll provide you with the results of our analysis.  Contact us for instructions, or to learn how exceptional performance, reliability and respect for the environment equates to exceptional value.